We are committed to the technology research and development in the charging field and the intelligent manufacturing of equipment. At present, we have completed four product lines of AC charging, DC charging, optical storage charging, and Hivewallbox cloud housekeeper to meet the diverse needs of different market segments and customers. And achieve rapid response supply. Our products have achieved functional modularity and plug-in design and production of each component system, allowing users to flexibly choose various functions and configurations.

AC charge product line: 

銆€銆€Including various national standard, European standard, American standard and other AC connectors, hangers, integrated charger, portable AC charger, wallbox, floor-mounted charger, pole-mounted AC charger. We have single connector, double connectors to match different application scenarios. The national standard on-board charging power covers 1.76kW-2.8kW, and the European standard on-board charging power covers 3.5kW-22kW; the national standard AC station covers 7kW and 11kW, and the European standard AC station covers 7kW, 11kW, 22kW. American Standard AC connectors have specifications from 16A-80A.


DC charge product line: 

銆€銆€The product line includes various DC connectors, hangers, charging controllers and other components, and floor/wall-mounted single and double connector DC stations. The mainstream products are 20kW low current DC charger, 120kW dual-connector DC stations and liquid-cooled super charging station.

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