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Yihang was set up in 2007 and has now grown into an EV charging powerhouse. "Workersbee" and "EVbee" are two brands solely owned by Yihang. 

We started our business as a factory of EV connectors, but are now a comprehensive EV charging solution provider. EV connectors, AC EV chargers, DC charge points, etc. are what we provide for our customers. 

As a pioneer in the EV-charging sphere, we obtained over 60 patents, and over 40 more are being applied. 

Product quality is our first priority. Quality inspection is performed throughout the whole production process. 

We have three preparation lines. Important information including the logo is lasered to the casing for the purpose of identification. 

We have 12 production lines to meet customers' needs. 100% tested, our products are reliable and trackable with the barcode lasered earlier. 

The well-equipped laboratory enables us to do different tests, like cable strength tests and waterproofing tests. 

We have two warehouses: one for raw materials, and the other for finished goods. 

Thanks to our dedicated team, Yihang is on the way to IPO. As our CEO, Mr. Ye Ning says, "Yihang is fully prepared to take embrace the coming emobility era". 

Of the seven subsidiaries of "Yihang Group", Hangzhou company is a star. Yihang used to reply on outer suppliers for EV charger PCBs. But now we're is a manufacturer that provides software solutions. We are one of China's top three emobility solution providers. Our commercial charge points are already available to customers in the Chinese market. EVbee and Workersbee are becoming increasingly well-known at home and abroad.

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